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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber I was surprised quite a bit while listening to"VI II V" (6-2-5) for the first time, because I've expected something totally different. I was excited by Jelly Cleaver's folk rock suite of suites "Cure for an Existential Crisis", and was quite sure that something in this vein would follow. But nope... what we've got here is R&B, I'd say! Of course, we can't expect plain middle-of-the-road R&B from this exceptional singer-songwriter, so it's once again something special and great - just located in an unexpectedly different genre. The lyrics are first-class again, hence there's really no reason not to buy this track immediately. Let's see with what kind of music Jelly Cleaver will surprise us next.
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The sad thing is I know we're in a golden age
When hopes get dashed it makes our heart bleed and create waves
I have dignity that I cannot see
I thank the Lord I am not wise enough to know my place
Cos wisdom comes and wisdom fades
All that remains is the wind over the mountains and the river waves
I lay my ground I stake my claim
If I look down the earth beneath my feet will evaporate
I kiss goodbye to the last of the dreamers
When dreaming ends you know you wake up dead
But it's no surprise that the sunlight will blind you
To the colours in the night and the pictures inside your head.

625, 625
What is anybody doing here?

Once I went looking for the guy in charge
I heard a voice in the hall speaking to the crowd
I walked into the room as a hush came down
He said the children that died were the lucky ones
So I called my father on a broken line
Asked him "how is it that we can feel nothing?"
When I'm still weeping for my infant years
I was always standing out the window looking in
So I keep running dashing out of my house
Cos I'm burning from the inside out
You need to have been around just to forget about it
But when you've been everywhere there's no-one left to tell about it

625, 625
All that anybody's saying is

Now I've never known a sunrise that didn't inspire
That anything can grow from the ashes of the night
I threw another branch in the funeral pyre
It's funny how they both bring light
What's the point is all anybody said
The point, it circled us like ravens and jabbed us in the head
It pricked my skin until it bled
The point can lead to a painful end

625, 625
All that anybody's saying is


released March 8, 2019
Guitar, keys, vocals, production, percussion - Jelly Cleaver
Electric Bass - Isobella Burnham
Drums - James Vine
Violin - Rhiannon Dimond
Viola - Julia Vaughan
Cello - Miranda Lewis
Trumpet - Lettie Leyland
Alto Saxophone - Beth Hopkins
Trombone - Will Heaton
Studio Engineer - Jelly Cleaver, Jack Allett
Mix Engineer - Jelly Cleaver and Jack Allett
Mastering Engineer - Katie Tavini


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Jelly Cleaver London, UK

Bringer of good vibes and cosmic truths.


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